Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Photo of the Day

Several of my co-workers have bought Smart Cars recently, and I have seen a couple of the cars around town in this particular color scheme. I'm obviously not the only person who was struck by the resemblance to a bumblebee. The license plate has a special joke, though, once you know that the owner is a bus driver.


DonS said...

Heh. You also know somebody in Seattle with a black/yellow smart. They've "retired" this color scheme for 2009. Well, you can still buy the panels and have them fitted, but that just isn't the same thing.

The smart works all right as a commuter car. I've discovered one severe limitation of the car in hilly Seattle: its hill-climbing capability, from a standing start when fully laden, is nearly non-existent. Must research further. Other than that, it gets me there, and while the fuel efficiency isn't breath-taking, it's still not at all bad, and with my driving patterns these days, that amounts to burning about four or so gallons of premium-grade gasoline per week.

jefffrane said...

They do OK on the flat, though. I got passed by one doing 80 mph whilst driving in England. It was kind of embarrassing, given that I was driving a Mercedes-Benz.

Do you have a cutesy license plate to go with it?

DonS said...

The smart does just fine on the freeway, true, and if it's just me in the car, the hill-climbing limitation goes away, too. For the clear majority of my driving needs, the smart works fine. Took it up the freeway last weekend for a little road trip, and it's even been over the mountains via Snoqualmie Pass in the summertime. Had to drop it to 4th gear on the steep bits of freeway, but was still doing 55. Coming back west out of the pass, 80mph and 50+ mpg (best ever!).

No cutesy license plate though. Plain ol' gov't issue.