Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weather, bah!

The weather here has been crap. Up in the hills, they got snow; up in the mountains, they got tons of snow; even south in the valley, they got lots of lovely snow. Here? We've gotten rain in abundance and yesterday we got slush. Charming. Ralphie and I wandered off to the Gabriel Park off-leash area in search of buddies and maybe snow and encountered two or three other dogs in an open field of slush and cold nasty rain. After my shoes and socks were thoroughly soaked, we wandered back toward the car on paths deep in running water, past creeks overflowing with rushing water. This little piece of field was the closest Ralphie got to playing in the snow.

On the positive side, Ralphie did get to exercise his big boy outside voice. A lot. One fellow told me he could hear him baying all the way back to the tennis courts. The tennis courts are by the upper blue point and the winter off-leash area is marked by the other blue point.

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