Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hooray for TiVo

I just found out today at work about some monumental news! Well, maybe not monumental, but thanks to TiVo and the Internet, I've already programmed my DVR to record the Best In Show episode of Westminster Dog Show, since I'm going to be at the dojo. I'll be rooting for the beagle.

Update: Well, so much for time zones. I may even get around to watching the recording of Westminster (I've been watching the Working dogs, lots of sweet faced retrievers), but all the suspense is gone. But, hell, after all that media build up what judge could turn down Uno? "Yeah, blah blah, the beagle is really cute, but the East Siberian Whoomzla is breed-perfect. Gurk! Ack!" As the lynch mob descends on the judges, the cameras pull back to a chaos of dog handlers in truly ghastly dresses beating each other with chew bars . . .

Whew. Fortunately, the BEAGLE WON!

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