Monday, January 21, 2008

How Could I Sleep In?

It's the middle of January and most of the foliage is gone from the big hedge outside my bedroom window. For a brief period this winter, the sparrows were pretty quiet (and the window and storm window closed all the time). It seems they're back, though, as you can hear. This, really, is nothing. In the Spring and Summer, when I sleep with the window open, this morning chorus is easily three times as boisterous (with occasional contributions from a neighborhood flicker). Cheerful, sure, but LOUD. I don't really understand when they have time to eat, unless they sneak about at night picking off bugs, because their little beaks are busy busy busy all day just like this:

1 comment:

Son said...

Well, I see you got sound to work. Little birdies sound cute right now, but I'm sure it's less so at 6am or whenever they sing their little songs.