Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I promise to do better

It appears I haven't posted a damn thing for a month and not much previous to that. Premature New Years Resolution: post more frequently, and think of something worthwhile to write about.

At any rate, to my thousands upon thousands of loyal readers: Merry Christmas.

The photo is from a wicked storm in January 2005(?): most welcome sight of the day, as a nice warm bus rolls toward me.


Tandleman said...

How about some beer stuff? Somewhere I think you are linked to beer blog sites as a beer blogger. If you buck your ideas up, I'll link you to mine. Well I sort of have anyway!

Jeff Frane said...

You're right. At some point this weekend, I'll get up Part I of "Drinking in the UK", beginning with a few days in Glasgow with a real rascal.