Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random Photo of the Day

Simple is good. Here's a little snack to nosh on while the gumbo simmers: fresh from Bob & Patty's garden tomato and some Oregon raw milk blue cheese. Mmmmmm. This is a good time of year for food, with summer's bounty still available and the days cool enough to crank up the oven and the stovetop. It isn't quite time to put the grill away for the winter, but things slowly-cooking in cast iron are beginning to call to me. Sausage and chicken gumbo for starters, enhanced by Bob & Patty's bell peppers. Next year, they need to grow some celery!

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Ben said...


I'm getting hungry just looking at those peppers and tomatoes. I heard your message on the MultAik machine the other night. Bob, Matt and I are stoked to get you back. Don't know if you've talked to Aki yet. If you decide to go through with it, Monday's are a good night where you can set your own speed as you recondition. Give me a call if you if you want to discuss further (343.0122) and/or hope to see you there. BTW due to business, I also train fairly often down at Steve Toms dojo in Eugene.